Tony Shaleesh, P.E.

Principal | Vice President

Mr. Shaleesh graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (aka University of Southwestern Louisiana) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He has over 20 years of design and management experience specializing in land development and infrastructure design.

As a principal, Mr. Shaleesh is responsible for planning, assigning, and directing work; working with clients to ensure the firm understands and meets the needs of each client; and marketing private and public sectors for new opportunities.

As a Municipal Engineer, Mr. Shaleesh performed the following duties:

  • He represented the City of Lafayette, Louisiana in dealing with developers, engineering consultants, other government jurisdictions and the general public concerning engineering matters.
  • He attended Planning Commission and City Council meetings to report on planned projects and ongoing projects; including explanations, corrections, presentations, and/or recommendations for acceptance of developments and capital improvement projects.  He made periodic reports and disseminated information to public and elected officials.
  • He was responsible for managing, coordinating, and supervising the administration, planning, designs, bidding process, and the construction phases of municipal capital improvement and transportation projects with contractors, engineers, Architects, and government agencies.

As a design engineer, Mr. Shaleesh performed the following duties:

  • He designed numerous land development projects such as single family subdivisions, retail shopping centers, office, industrial, and apartment complexes, including site and subdivision layouts.
  • He designed multilane divided highways including the horizontal and vertical alignments, superelevation computation at grade intersections, and pavement marking.
  • He performed roadway construction survey, survey computing, construction staking, and prepared construction cut sheets.
  • He designed storm drain and sanitary sewer systems, lift stations, and force mains.
  • He modeled, analyzed, and designed water distribution systems.
  • He prepared applications for various types of improvements and flood zone conditions and coordinated with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other agencies.
  • He designed stormwater management facilities (i.e., regional surface amenity ponds, infiltration trenches, underground storage tanks) meeting local and State requirements.

Mr. Shaleesh is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia, and he is a registered Environmental Engineer in the State of Texas and Louisiana.