CANstruction? More like FUNstruction!

CANstruction is an event put on yearly allowing companies to get together and build a structure out of canned food, show it off and then donate those cans of food to the Capital Area Food Bank.
Our team was building a Gingerbread house.
To begin with, here is what the Gingerbread house was supposed to look like:

First off, on Saturday, November 5th the group got together at a parking lot to "beta" test their Gingerbread house.  As you can see below the "beta" was going great until the first wall came down, then everything came crumbling with it.  Enjoy their failure...

Canstruction 11-5-2011

However Engineers do not give up this easily and so they set out to build it better and more structurally sound.  
It took about an hour on Friday night to get the cans and wood into the mall so it was ready to build on Saturday morning.  Bright and early (8 am) on Saturday morning they set out to build a beautiful Gingerbread house.  How do you think it went?

Canstruction 11-12-2011

The interior structure is really impressive.  The use of the small triangular wood structural supports is very impressive.  Also,  there were tiny wires and 3/4" plywood braces taped with Duct Tape holding the columns and roof together.
If you want to see more photos of it, jump over to the CANstruction Austin Facebook page.

Here is all the companies that worked on the project:

If you want to see what the other CANstruction Teams did...(Don't boo theirs too loudly)

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