Each survey is made with attention to detail, quality of service, and professional values in mind. Land surveys are typically the foundation on which successive services are built.

Cunningham|Allen surveyors, using state of the art equipment and procedures, strive to provide a solid foundation for your project.

Land Title and Boundary Surveys

These surveys, often called "as-built" or "improvement" surveys, depict the property boundaries, the locations of above-ground improvements and utilities, as well as easement information. Cunningham|Allen works closely with lenders, attorneys, and title companies to provide a complete and accurate survey for a timely closing.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys depict contours, tree locations, the location of improvements, and visible utilities. They are typically tied to a vertical datum, or point of known elevation, so that engineers can determine a site vertical location relative to floodplain, wastewater mains, and other features. Cunningham|Allen's survey team is experienced in providing details critical for the complete design of a project.

Route Surveys

These surveys combine many of the elements of boundary, design, and construction surveys along the corridor or route of proposed civil projects such as highways, pipelines, and drainage channels. Cunningham|Allen's experience in managing parcel mapping and engineering design surveys allows these projects to flow smoothly throughout each phase.

Subdivision Platting

Subdivision platting involves not only surveyors, but engineering and land planning professionals as well. In addition to staking new tract boundaries, the surveyor assists land planning consultants during the preliminary layout of a subdivision, and provides information to our engineering counterparts for their design of subdivision improvements. No matter the size or complexity, Cunningham|Allen's experience in dealing with governmental jurisdictions ensures a consistent result and success of the project.

Control and GPS Surveys

Cunningham|Allen uses Global Positioning Systems equipment to provide horizontal and vertical control for land development projects, route surveys, and topographic and aerial mapping projects. This technology allows our staff to place accurate control points throughout the project.

Construction Staking

Cunningham|Allen is accustomed to helping make ideas on paper become reality. We provide staking for all forms of construction including utilities, roadways, and commercial and multi-family projects. Because our staff is comprised of registered professionals accustomed to this type of work, we are able to provide flexible, comprehensive service to meet the needs of our clients and their contractors.